How to apply for a business license in Vietnam?

Đăng ký kinh doanh

Enterprises that want to establish a company or business establishment are required to carry out business registration procedures in order to conduct business.

  • Where does the company carry out business registration procedures?

When the company wants to set up an enterprise, the company is required to carry out the business registration procedure at the business registration office/department of planning and investment in the place where the enterprise operates or where its main office is located.

For household business registration, the application must be submitted to the People’s Committee of the district where the business is located.

Set of business papers in Vietnam
Set of business papers in Vietnam


  • How long does it take to register a business?

According to the provisions of the Law on Enterprises, the time to process and issue the Certificate of Business Registration is 03 working days from the time of receiving the valid application.


  • Does business registration require permanent residence?

The person who founded the company can be in any province and can register to establish a business when there is a need to start a business anywhere.


  • Do you need to declare capital for business registration?

According to the provisions of the current Vietnam Enterprise Law, the declaration of capital is the right of the enterprise, the enterprise declares and is responsible for the charter capital of the company.

Except for industries that require legal capital, enterprises must register sufficient capital as prescribed by law but do not need to prove the capital source, but only ensure to be responsible for the declared capital and sufficient margin capital according to the provisions of law. regulations for certain industries.


  • Do you need to open an office for business registration?

According to the current law, in the enterprise registration dossier, the address of the head office of the enterprise must be registered. Apartments and dormitories are not considered the headquarters of the company as well as the address of the branch, representative office, and business location of the company.


  • Can I register a business using a passport?

According to the law, the legal documents of an individual when registering a business include: For Vietnamese citizens: Citizen’s identity card or Vietnamese identity card or valid passport. For foreigners: Foreign passports or valid documents replacing foreign passports are still valid.


  • Can civil servants and public employees register businesses?

According to the Law on Enterprises, the following entities are NOT allowed to establish and manage an enterprise:

Cadres, civil servants, and public employees according to the provisions of the Law on Cadres and Civil Servants and the Law on Public Employees

Officers, non-commissioned officers, professional soldiers, defense workers, and officers in agencies and units of the Vietnam People’s Army.

Professional officers, non-commissioned officers, and public security workers in agencies and units of the Vietnam People’s Public Security.

However, except for the person who is appointed as an authorized representative to manage the State’s capital contribution in the enterprise or in the State enterprise.


According to Vietan Law, the General Department of Taxation of Vietnam

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