Kim Long Transportation and Construction Jsc.

Case Studies

Kim Long Transportation and Construction Jsc.

Kim Long Transportation and Construction Jsc. is operating in the field of construction equipment leasing (scaffolding) and transportation services. Primary clients of Kim Long are large construction contractors in the market such as Coteccons, Ricons, Unicons, Hoa Binh.



Before TPM made its approaching, Kim Long mostly operated as a family business, without an accounting system. Enterprise always encountered difficulties in managing account receivables from its clients. In addition, with only one warehouse controller, it causes extreme time-consuming to update goods in the warehouse, resulting in useless working time between departments, and the service quality is affected also.

TPM focuses on addressing 3 following core issues:

  1. Presenting and persuading business owners regarding the urgency to set up an internal accounting system, to not only make debt tracking better and more transparent, but also help to gain key correct, prompt business information, making the right decisions in the business strategy accordingly.
  2. Implementing the accounting system, recruitment, training, establishing operation processes related to the accounting department and other departments.Support to build online warehouse tracking system, which may update data in real time, anywhere, anytime.
  3. With the re-application of the internal accounting system, Kim Long possesses clear data, the debt comparison with clients was made periodically, quickly and accurately. Inventory data was continuously updated, no longer depends on any individual; access granted to departments so that they may directly access the system to check the quantity of available goods, thereby offering timely and prompt clients feedback.