• ClientC2C

  • LocationHồ Chí Minh

Coast To Coast Designs ('C2C') - a luxury furniture manufacturer with over 15 years of experience in providing interior solutions for 5-star hotels across North America. C2C is based in Davidson, North Carolina.
In 2018, in order to expand its client network, C2C made a decision to open a representative office in Vietnam.
With the opportunity to consult C2C from the beginning, C2C has been supported by TPM to solve related problems such as:
- Roles and functions of representative offices of foreign traders in Vietnam in accordance with current legal documents.
- Tax policies in Vietnam, especially those are related to personal income tax for employees ("PIT").
- How to register, report labor & declare social insurance for employees at authorities in Vietnam.
Moreover, TPM also offers solutions to help C2C optimize its social insurance payment but cause no affection to employees' benefits.