HR policies


    The first prerequisite for any TPM position is integrity and honesty. TPM shall not accept any exceptions without those two factors regardless of your talent or contribution to the company. At TPM, human development is our first priority so that 1-on-1 training programs, group sharing, book presentations, etc. take place daily, weekly, and monthly. During your working at TPM, we expect your openness to learn any time. Our promotion policy is quite clear so that your passion shall be entirely focused on your own development without worrying about any negative competition.


    TPM develops a training program on the basis of departmental section (Professional, Consulting); different positions (trainee, fresh graduate, specialist, manager). Along with taxation knowledge, skills such as communication consulting, analysis, planning, teamwork, team leadership, etc. each employee, through specific stages & jobs, shall be directed for development.


    Becoming a centre of professional development, skills & leadership for young fresh graduates who are in need of valuable experience. We shall be a destination offering "foundation" for your entrance into large companies, corporations or startups.


    In addition to the dedicated mission for the development of small and medium enterprise, TPM also pursues the philosophy of Michelle Obama (President Obama's wife): “Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives” so we volunteer to take the responsibilities of training the personality, skills & expertise for young people in Vietnam.