Accounting Books Review


Review accounting books, tax reports, financial statements is one of extremely important works to ensure consistency, accuracy, reasonableness and legality in the tax accounting system of the enterprise.

With a team of tax experts who are certified as Tax Agent & Chief Accountant of the Ministry of Finance and have extensive experience in tax finalization, you will reduce risk and feel secure in accounting. Companies (companies) should use a bookkeeping service:

Enterprises receive decisions from tax inspection and examination agencies
Enterprises need to check periodically every year
Enterprises make tax finalization at the end of the year but do not have sufficient records and accounting books
When should enterpise review their accounting books? Benefits of enterprises upon their usage of TPM services: The content of TPM accounting book reviewing:
  • Upon receipt of decisions or proactively requests Tax Authorities to conduct tax inspection and examination;
  • Enterprises are not assured of the currently applied tax policy, current accounting system;
  • Enterprises conduct year-end tax finalization without sufficient accounting records and books.
  • TPM shall consult to help enterprises with supplementation to their accounting documents, accounting books and tax finalization profile as well as offer readjustment in accordance with the provisions of the current tax laws before the inspection, examination conducted by Tax Authorities;
  • TPM shall protect interests and representatives of enterprises for direct explanation in case of decision of tax inspection;
  • TPM shall take responsibilities according to regulations in case of any mistake related to expertise.
  • Check the legality and validity of the original documents;
  • Classify documents according to the operating section;
  • Compare documents with tax declarations and reports;
  • Check the accounting recording and accreditation for the arising operations;
  • Reviewing tax policies currently applied by enterprise;
  • Discuss with enterprises regarding existing risks and propose the best solution;
  • Make necessary adjustments on financial statements and tax reports;
  • Issue a review report.