Consulting on making associated transaction report


Desiring to support enterprises in conducting associated transactions comply with current laws (Decree 20/2017/ND-CP and Circular 41/2017/TT-BTC), TPM Tax Agency provides price transfer services to help enterprises assess and identify risks in transactions for building an effective and appropriate associated transaction strategy.

How to accurately understand the price transfer?

Together with global development, more and more enterprises are expanding their operations domestically and internationally on the basis of parent-subsidiary or corporation relationship. In Vietnam, there are many negative comments upon the consideration of price transfer as tax evasion, however, this activity is quite common since there is a link on transactions, control or ownership and this is a tool for businesses to optimize profits based on laws of one or other countries. Therefore, for tax avoidance by the price transfer based on the current law provisions, it is completely appropriate and positive; but in case of the price transfer is abused for tax evasion, it is completely illegal.

How can TPM Tax Agency help you?

At TPM Tax Agency, we develop a team of specialists in various fields, with many years working in large consulting and auditing groups such as Deloitte, EY, etc. we are hereby confident to offer solutions for enterprises in:

Consult, identify risks, and seize opportunities to optimize profits
Develop an appropriate and efficient price transfer plan
Make profiles for associated transactions and data protection upon tax inspection
Our services:
  • Review and advise on risks of associated transaction records
  • Offer service of explanation during the inspection and examination process
  • Offer service of creating associated transaction reports
  • Offer service of developing effective and appropriate price determination strategies