Insurance – Labor


The procedure for social insurance registration is far more complicated with prescribed forms and applications causing difficulties for many enterprises. Our experience in implementing social insurance registration for more than 500 clients, TPM Tax Agency would like to offer the insurance registration package.

TPM services provide:

Registration of employment declaration;
Registration of the system of salary scale, payroll;
Union establishment filing or application to confirm for unqualified union establishment;
Registration of initial compulsory insurance (SI, HI, UI) participation.
Monthly social insurance consultancy, supervision for enterprises; record monthly arising transactions; Increase/decrease labor; closing books of severance, maternity, etc.
Insurance documents review.
Commitments by TPM upon services performed:
  • Ensure the optimal payment of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance according to current regulations;
  • Provide relevant legal documents as required;
  • Guide the procedures after receiving social insurance books and health insurance cards;
  • Free consultancy on the regulations of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance after completion;
  • Comply with legal provisions.