Restructuring Internal Processes


The business environment keeps innovating from time to time, enterprises are required to always make their best efforts to perfect the operating system, management mechanism, business orientation for prompt adaptation to such changes.

  1. A flexible enterprise adapting to the business environment shall be a structured enterprise making good use of opportunities, potential risks anticipation and avoidance. Upon any change from the business environment, the business structure shall also change dynamically, otherwise the business shall automatically put themselves out of the market. This raises the requirement for corporate restructuring – one of the most important issues for all business leaders.
  2. In Vietnam nowadays, most businesses realize the importance of business restructuring, which is the basis to overcome difficulties and continue to maintain the business activities development. However, very few businesses conduct the right restructuring and generate recognized benefits. Most businesses choose to structure based on short-term changes such as personnel arrangement, organizational redundancy, divestment.
  3. Regarding finance – accounting: The financial management and reporting system is unprofessional or asynchronous. Regulations on remuneration are not competitive so far, lack of necessary motivation for officials and employees. In the mean time, enterprises have not developed and applied effective and appropriate financial regulations without knowing that the restructuring strategy should be based on the suitability analysis of business environment change with the current structure to set a long-term restructuring goal.

Experienced team:

With a team of experienced specialists in strategies adjustment, business processes improvement, new resources mobilization, problematic financial solution, personnel management, etc. helping businesses overcome difficulties and aiming to sustainable development.

Analyzing and assessing the current internal financial situation of the enterprise. Redefine business strategy, improve operational processes, reduce operating costs, increase cash flow.
Restructuring the organization and personnel arrangement in accordance with the business operation strategy.
Restructuring business processes: rearrangement of existing financial management plans, especially at the management stage of cash, inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc.
Building an effective and appropriate financial-accounting organization model for enterprises.