Tax Planning


“Tax Planning” is the most important part of an enterprise’s overall financial plan for any industries. The goal of tax planning is to apply all current regulations for the preparation of the most beneficial financial, accounting and business investment strategies for businesses.

Upon the tax plan development, the enterprise shall:
Understand and feel secure over the operation situation of the business.
Take the initiative in preparation of necessary legal documents, completing books and records.
Spend more time focusing on production and business activities.
Master and limit taxation violations.
Well evaluated by the Tax Authorities, results in inspection and examination restriction.
Tax planning service of TPM:

Review and re-evaluate the operation process of the enterprise. Develop tax plans in accordance with situations and specific requirements:

  • Estimated revenue, expenses, taxes incurred and the records, documents to be prepared
  • Set up operation and implementation process
  • Offer tax avoidance and tax balance plans appropriate for enterprises as regulated
  • Some other balances depending on the features of each enterprise

Provide support for consulting, checking during the implementation of enterprises