State budget revenue in 4 months reached 645.4 trillion dongs

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The report on the implementation of state budget revenue and expenditure in April 2023 showed that the state budget revenue in April was estimated at 139.1 trillion VND, equaling 8.6% of the estimate; Accumulated revenue in 4 months is estimated at 645.4 trillion VND, equal to 39.8% of the estimate, equal to 95% of the same period in 2022 (central budget revenue is estimated at 42.9% of the estimate; state budget revenue is estimated at 42.9% of the estimate. estimated at 36.3% of the estimate).

State budget revenue in the first four months of the year was quite good compared to the estimate, of which: domestic revenue was estimated at 40.4% of the estimate, revenue from crude oil was estimated at 52.2% of the estimate; Balanced income from import-export activities estimated at 35.4% of the estimate. However, monthly revenue tended to decrease (January collection reached 14.7%; February reached 7.7%; March achieved 8.9%; April’s estimated performance reached 8.6% of the estimate). Which, excluding corporate income tax, dividend collection, residual profit, revenue, and expenditure difference of the State Bank, the domestic revenue in 4 months is about 88.7% compared to the same period last year in 2022.

There are 8/12 domestic revenues to ensure the estimated progress (estimated at over 34% of the estimate), of which the revenue from 03 economic sectors (accounting for 53.3% of the estimated domestic revenue) is estimated at 42% of the estimate. accounting, an increase of 2.4% over the same period, however, if excluding corporate income tax, the revenue of these 03 areas decreased by 8.5% over the same period; personal income tax is estimated at 42.4% of the estimate; Revenue from lottery activities is estimated at 49.2% of the estimate.

There are 04 revenues with progress that are lower than the estimate, which is the environmental protection tax (estimated at 16.8% of the estimate, equaling 49.7% over the same period, mainly due to the implementation of the policy of reducing environmental protection tax). for petroleum products according to Resolutions No. 20/2022/UBTVQH15 and Resolution No. 30/2022/UBTVQH15 of the National Assembly Standing Committee); fees and charges (estimated at 32.2% of the estimate, equaling 91.4% over the same period); revenues from houses and land (accounting for 13.3% of the domestic revenue estimate; estimated at 20.9% of the estimate, equaling 46.6% over the same period); a collection of fees for granting mining rights (estimated at 25% of the estimate, equaling 108.7% over the same period).

Regarding the revenue in the area, it is estimated that 25/63 localities have made domestic revenue in 4 months, reaching over 38% of the estimate; 16/63 localities have revenue growth over the same period, while 47 provinces have lower revenue than the same period.

The report also shows that the state budget balance expenditure in April is estimated at 135.3 trillion VND; Accumulated spending in 4 months reached VND 500.3 trillion, equaling 24.1% of the estimate, up 6.1% over the same period in 2022, of which: development investment expenditure was estimated at about VND 110.6 trillion, equal to 15.2% of the estimate decided by the National Assembly, equal to 15.65% of the plan assigned by the Prime Minister, an increase of 15.6% over the same period in 2022 (in the same period in 2022, the disbursement rate reached 18.48% of the plan); plan assigned by the Prime Minister); interest payment was estimated at nearly 34 trillion dongs, equaling 33% of the estimate, down 3.3%; recurrent expenditure is estimated at 355.4 trillion dongs, equaling 30.3% of the estimate, up 4.5% over the same period in 2022.

State budget revenue
State budget revenue

Budget expenditure tasks in the first 4 months of the year are performed according to the estimate, meeting the requirements of socio-economic development, national defense and security, state management and payment of due debts, ensuring ensure funding for epidemic prevention and control, social security spending tasks, and care for beneficiaries of salaries, pensions and social allowances from the state budget. In addition, implementing the Prime Minister’s Decision, 18.3 thousand tons of rice for the national reserve has been distributed to overcome the consequences of natural disasters and epidemics and provide relief and hunger relief for the people. people on the occasion of the Lunar New Year and the first grain of the year.

Particularly for development investment spending, the total capital plan in 2023 has been allocated by the Prime Minister about 707 trillion VND. In addition, by the time of reporting, localities have assigned plans to increase their local investment capital (from revenue sources, local budget balance, …) to about 47.52 trillion VND. compared with the plan assigned by the Prime Minister. Overall, there is still 65.48 trillion dongs of unallocated investment capital plan, of which 11.03 trillion dongs are from 25 ministries and central agencies; 54.39 trillion VND from 34 localities.

The balance between the central budget and the local budget is ensured. As of April 25, 2023, nearly 129.2 trillion dong of government bonds have been issued, with an average term of 12.51 years, with an average interest rate of 4% per year.

Source: General Department of Taxation of Vietnam

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