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1. Tax Compliance

Tax laws and regulations in Vietnam undergo constant changes, posing significant challenges for businesses, particularly for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) enterprises. TPM Tax Agent, with a team of experienced professionals and a clear understanding of the expectations from tax authorities due to our strong relationships, helps minimize tax risks and ensures readiness for changes that may impact your business.

For businesses, accurate tax compliance is a critical component of effective tax planning. Achieving precision in this area is becoming more complex due to the rapid pace of legislative and regulatory changes, as well as the increasing digitalization of tax authorities.

TPM’s Tax Compliance services assist corporations in preparing, managing, and executing tax returns within this dynamic regulatory environment.

We provide an efficient solution for handling corporate tax compliance workloads and meeting reporting obligations and deadlines.

We combine an extensive reach with deep local and industry knowledge and experience, delivered with the flexibility to address a full range of corporate tax compliance needs

Value delivered

- Trusted: It’s more important than ever for businesses to deliver on trust and tax compliance is a critical driver of trust.
- Quality: Quality is the cornerstone for businesses to thrive and sustain development. Therefore, in the realm of tax compliance, we operate with transparency and accountability, aiming to elevate the standard of quality and deliver results that you can rely on.

TPM's Tax compliance services

- Initial tax registration

- Monthly/quarterly tax declaration

- Year-end tax finalization and financial statements

- Declare tax each time it is incurred: foreign contractor tax; tax on the transfer of capital, shares...

2. Tax Advisory

Tax Resolution

Find Tax Resolution with the Best Tax Professionals

If you are facing tax issues with the tax authorities, we understand that it can be intimidating, and you need help. That’s why it’s crucial to collaborate with experienced tax professionals.

TPM Tax Agency boasts a highly trained and experienced staff in all aspects of tax law. We can analyze your complete situation, identify the best course of action for your needs and circumstances, and help you achieve an optimal solution for your tax issue.

Transfer pricing

The increasing volume and variety of intercompany transactions, coupled with transfer pricing regulations and heightened enforcement activities worldwide, have elevated transfer pricing as a primary risk management concern for global businesses.

Vietnamese tax authorities are placing a stronger emphasis on transfer pricing issues, imposing heightened document requirements and significant penalties to ensure tax standardization and fairness. Never before have companies operating in Vietnam faced such intense scrutiny and challenges to their transfer pricing policies. The imperative to ensure full compliance with reporting obligations and provide a ‘fit-for-purpose’ transfer pricing strategy is more critical than ever.

TPM provides practical transfer pricing solutions to multinationals and Vietnamese conglomerates, aiding in managing their transfer pricing compliance obligations, mitigating transfer pricing risks, and assisting in achieving their business goals.

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning can be challenging, given the complexity of tax laws and regulations in Vietnam. However, when done properly, tax planning can yield significant benefits for your overall financial picture.

With experience, industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of tax laws and regulations in Vietnam, we specialize in proficient tax planning. Identifying appropriate opportunities for tax savings and optimizing the tax burden on businesses are integral aspects of our expertise.

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