Choosing a Tax Agent: Things You Need to Know

Selecting a reliable tax agent is an important decision that helps businesses fulfill their tax obligations and optimize their profits with peace of mind. The importance of selecting a tax agent:


  • Help businesses comply with tax laws, save costs, optimize profits, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Secure business information.
  • Enhance the reputation of the business.
  • Improve relationships with tax authorities.

1. Introduction

a) What is a tax agent?

A tax agent is a licensed entity authorized to provide tax-related services according to legal regulations. Tax agents offer various services to support businesses and individuals in fulfilling their tax obligations, including:

Tax advisory services:

  • Providing advice on the latest tax laws and regulations.
  • Recommending effective tax solutions for businesses.
  • Clarifying tax-related questions for businesses and individuals.

Tax declaration services:

  • Preparing tax declarations in compliance with legal requirements.
  • Filing tax returns on behalf of businesses and individuals.
  • Claiming tax refunds for businesses and individuals.

Tax settlement services:

  • Preparing tax settlement declarations in accordance with legal regulations.
  • Submitting tax settlement declarations on behalf of businesses.

Tax audit services:

  • Representing businesses during tax audits.
  • Advising businesses on how to handle tax violations (if any).

Tax accounting services:

  • Providing comprehensive tax accounting services for businesses.
  • Assisting businesses with tax-related accounting tasks.

b) The importance of choosing a tax agent for businesses

Selecting a reliable and suitable tax agent is important for businesses as it directly affects:

Tax compliance:

  • Tax agents are responsible for staying updated on the latest tax laws and regulations, ensuring businesses comply with all requirements, avoiding mistakes and reducing the risk of legal violations.
  • Tax agents assist businesses in completing tax procedures accurately and efficiently, saving time and effort.

Cost reduction:

  • Tax agents can help businesses optimize their tax payments, minimizing the tax burden and maximizing available resources.
  • Tax agents can assist businesses in taking advantage of tax incentives offered by the government.

Profit optimization:

  • Tax agents can provide businesses with effective tax solutions, helping them maximize profits and protect their interests.
  • Tax agents can help businesses avoid tax-related risks and ensure financial stability.

Improved operational Efficiency:

  • Outsourcing tax tasks to a reliable agent allows businesses to focus on their core activities, leading to increased operational efficiency.
  • Tax agents can provide professional tax advisory services, helping businesses make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

Data security:

  • Reputable tax agents are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of business information, ensuring the security of their tax data.

In addition, choosing a tax agent also brings some other benefits such as:

  • Saves time and effort for businesses
  • Enhances business reputation
  • Improves relationships with tax authorities

Therefore, selecting a tax agent is an important decision that businesses need to carefully consider.

2. Important notes when selecting a tax agent

a) Experience and specialize:

  • Number of years in operation: Prioritize agents with extensive experience in tax consulting, especially in areas relevant to your business operations.
  • Team of experts: Evaluate the professional qualifications, practical experience, and ability to handle complex tax issues of the consulting team.
  • Professional certifications: Verify that the agent and consultants possess the professional certificates issued by the General Department of Taxation.

b) Services provided:

  • Diversity: Choose an agent that offers a comprehensive range of tax services that your business requires, including:
    • Tax declaration and payment
    • Tax law consultancy
    • Tax settlement declaration
    • Tax refund
    • Tax audit
    • Tax accounting services
  • Expertise: Evaluate the level of expertise in each service and their ability to meet your specific business needs.

c) Reputation and Brand:

  • Seek recommendations: Ask other businesses that have used the tax agent’s services to assess the service quality.
  • Search for information: Look for information about the tax agent on review websites, social media, the General Department of Taxation’s website, etc.
  • Evaluate the brand: Consider the brand and reputation of the agent in the market.

d) Service Cost:

  • Compare prices: Compare the service fees of different tax agents to choose a price that fits your business budget.
  • Consider the value: Consider the value of the service received compared to the cost incurred, avoiding agents with unexpectedly low prices.
  • Request a price list: Ask the agent to provide a detailed and transparent price list for each service.

e) Service Attitude:

  • Staff: Choose an agent with a professional, enthusiastic, dedicated, and well-communicated staff.
  • Customer support: Evaluate the tax agent’s accessibility, support, and ability to answer questions.
  • Quality commitment: Choose an agent that commits to service quality and confidentiality of your business information.

In addition to the above 5 factors, you should also consider other factors such as:

  • Geographic location of the tax agent
  • Ability to use information technology in service delivery
  • Communication and language skills

3. Conclusion

Choosing a reputable tax agent is an important step that helps businesses comply with tax laws, optimize costs and profits, and improve operational efficiency. Hopefully, this article has provided you with 5 key points to keep in mind when choosing the right tax agent.

To find a reputable tax agent, you can refer to:

Take the time to research potential tax agents thoroughly before making a final decision.

Besides the above 5 factors, you should also consider:

  • Geographic location of the tax agent
  • Ability to use information technology in service delivery
  • Communication and language skills

Choosing the right tax agent will bring many benefits to your business.

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