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Let TPM handle your company’s HR and payroll needs, ensuring everything is delivered accurately, timely, and in compliance.

Why Choose Our Payroll & Social Insurance?

Our payroll and labor experts make your work painless.

With years of experience and solid expertise, TPM confidently offers a variety of services in the field of Labor - Salary, and Compulsory Social Insurance, making your payroll and social insurance compliance management easier with the support of experts. This not only saves time and money but also provides a systematic and organized approach to staff salary.

Regulations related to labor, salary, and social insurance are constantly changing. We will assist you in ensuring compliance and promptly updating regulations

We meticulously prepare and promptly send your reports throughout the year with precision, ensuring peace of mind and averting any potential penalties

Leveraging our deep understanding of your business, we assist in formulating optimal solutions for each case. Our approach combines experience and knowledge grounded in Vietnamese law, guided by industry-leading experts in the fields of salary and social insurance

Payroll Outsourcing

Initial Compulsory social insurance procedure

Ensure the rights of the Employees and support the Company to comply with the provisions of the law. (only first one-off )

Labor - Payroll Services (monthly)

With a thorough understanding of the current regulations under the Compulsory Social Insurance Law for Enterprises and Employees, we assist you in fulfilling your obligations related to social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance (SiHiUi) for your employees.

Trade Union funds, equivalent to 2% of salary funds used to pay social insurance for laborers, are obligatory contributions made by agencies, organizations, and enterprises.

In Vietnam, Trade Union contributions are mandatory, regardless of whether a company has established primary trade unions.

We can guide you through the grassroots union formation process and help manage the requirements, ensuring the best outcome for both employers and employees.

Our monthly payroll calculation service makes paying your employees easier and faster, eliminating the need for a dedicated HR team. We will confirm essential employee details, manage all payroll paperwork, and ensure timely completion. All you need to do is review and approve. Make salary payments based on the supported payslip, and we will guide you through the process of paying employee salaries.

HR Administrative Services

We provide an extensive array of HR administrative services tailored to assist startups and small businesses lacking dedicated HR teams in the compliant, secure, and timely implementation of their corporate HR policies.

Designed to assist your company when resources are limited for implementing labor contracts, TPM provides consulting and preparation of internal labor regulations, salary structures, and allowance rules. Tailored to the operational situation of the enterprise and current regulations, TPM ensures the proper completion of the documentation required by enterprises and the competent authority.

We manage the preparation and administration of labor contracts, handling renewals through contracts or appendices, and ensuring compliance and support throughout the monthly, quarterly, and annual cycles.

We offer support to the company in managing procedures associated with periodic labor reports filed with the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs.


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