Instructions For Registering For ETax Mobile To Check Income Sources During The Year

The eTax Mobile application is a service channel within the integrated platform of the Tax industry providing electronic tax services to taxpayers who are individuals to facilitate and ensure safety and security. 

The main functions that the application provides to taxpayers are:

  • Look up Tax Returns, Tax Finalization, Taxpayer Information, Dependent Information and a number of other utilities for taxpayers.
  • Register to open an electronic tax transaction account with the tax authority;
  • Look up tax obligations; Pay taxes electronically through online connection and integration with the system of commercial banks;

Instructions for registering an eTax Mobile electronic tax transaction account

Step 1: Download the eTax Mobile application on the App Store or CH Play

Step 2: Taxpayers log in to the eTaxMobile app, on the login screen, select Register now. The system displays the account registration screen including Tax code, Captcha code. Enter the Tax code, Captcha code then click Continue.

Step 3: Taxpayers enter registration information including:

  • Type of document: Choose one of the types of documents: Identity card/Citizen identification card/Passport
  • Document number: Automatically displayed according to tax registration information
  • Enter phone number
  • Enter email
  • Enter the confirmation code (in case there is a confirmation code issued by the CQT in the open letter)
  • Taxpayer clicks Continue.

Step 4: The system displays the bank selection screen.

If the taxpayer does not choose bank authentication, leave the information blank: Select the bank, Select the method type, Enter the account number, then click “Continue”. The system will display the message screen “Request taxpayers to any Tax Authority to present ID card/Citizen identification card/Passport to receive and activate electronic tax transaction account”.

Step 5: If the taxpayer chooses bank authentication, enter the following information:

  • Select bank
  • Select  method type: Account number/card number
  • Enter account/card number, issuance date, card validity, then click “Continue”.

The system will display a screen saying “You have successfully registered. Please check your email for detailed information”.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, please contact TPM via the website: or hotline 090 298 1080 for the quickest support.

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