Tax services for renewable energy business

EX Vietnam Company is a subsidiary of EX SE in Germany, with its main office located in Ho Chi Minh City, focusing on the development of wind power projects. EX VN company operates based on the value chain model of renewable energy projects, encompassing all stages of the project lifecycle from planning to completion. E VN company consistently supports local green energy projects (construction, maintenance, and operation) and transfers advanced technology to boost the global transition to renewable energy.

One of EX VN's top priorities after establishing in Vietnam is the desire to have a robust accounting system capable of preparing and submitting financial reports, and periodic management reports to meet the management needs of the subsidiary in Vietnam, as well as the requirements of the parent company abroad. The financial reports must be prepared timely, accurately, and in compliance with accounting regulations, minimizing errors to the lowest extent possible. Ensuring tax compliance is also prioritized to minimize potential damages during tax inspections by tax authorities.

TPM's solutions

With the above aspirations, EX VN company has connected with TPM – a leading tax agency in the field of consulting, tax reporting, and accounting for foreign-invested enterprises ("FDI"). Meeting the expectations of the enterprise, with a deep understanding of international accounting and extensive experience in service implementation, TPM has collaborated with EX VN Company in Tax - Accounting work, specific missions include: collecting documents, processing accounting documents, and recording entries in accounting books; reviewing and refining documents and preparing accounting reports; accurately assessing the financial situation to assist the enterprise in making appropriate management decisions; recommending effective solutions to help the business mitigate risks, help EX VN company focus confidently on business operations in Vietnam.

In addition to business operations, EX VN company also great importance on human factors. With a team of experts possessing in-depth knowledge, TPM has provided a package of social insurance and salary services for the enterprise, including consulting on procedures and regulations related to Social Insurance, Labor, employment, and salary; clarifying and supporting the enterprise to understand and comply with legal regulations, avoiding administrative penalties.


With its position as a leading tax agency and a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals in accounting, tax, labor, and salary matters, TPM consistently delivers the best comprehensive package of services, ensuring professionalism and excellence for businesses

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