Top Những Ngành Đầu Tư Sinh Lời Cao Tại Việt Nam 2024

Top Highly Profitable Investment Sectors In Vietnam 2024

Vietnam, a bright investment prospect, boasts a strategically advantageous location and a robustly growing economy, attracting keen interest from international investors. Promising sectors include the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, and Tourism. International investors find appeal in Vietnam’s stable investment environment, favorable incentives, and government support policies.

In the current global landscape of uncertainty and volatility, Vietnam emerges as a bright spot, a country with strategic geographical location and a rapidly growing economy. It not only attracts the curious eyes of international investors but also serves as an ideal destination for those seeking high-profit investment opportunities. The following are the sectors currently proving to be lucrative investment options in Vietnam:

  • The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in Vietnam is predicted to be one of the sectors bringing high profits. The robust development of the digital market has opened up new opportunities for businesses in this sector. Additionally, government support policies have also facilitated investment from foreign enterprises into Vietnam. Major technology companies such as Samsung, LG, Intel, etc., are prominent players in this field.
  • The Agriculture sector is attracting the interest of foreign investors. With favorable climate conditions and abundant land resources, the agricultural sector is opening up new investment opportunities in areas such as livestock farming, cultivation, and agricultural product processing. Examples include Maruha Nichiro Vietnam Co., Ltd., the largest seafood corporation in Japan, which has invested over USD 400 million in Vietnam, operating seven factories processing catfish, basa fish, shrimp, and other seafood products, and Sao Ta Food Joint Stock Company, the largest seafood processing enterprise in Vietnam, which has collaborated with BIM Group to invest over USD 300 million in the largest catfish and basa fish processing plant in Vietnam.
  • Renewable Energy is also one of the sectors attracting special attention from investors. Vietnam, with its potential for renewable energy development and increasing energy demand, has become an ideal destination for new energy projects such as wind power, solar power, and gas power. Examples include Nhon Trach 2 Thermal Power Joint Stock Company, a joint venture between Vietnam Electricity (EVN) and Sumitomo Corporation (Japan), and B&T Solar Joint Stock Company, a joint venture between B&T Group (Vietnam) and China XD Electric Group (China).
  • Tourism: Vietnam is not only known for its beautiful natural landscapes but also its rich cultural heritage. This creates many investment opportunities in areas such as coastal and island tourism, ecotourism, and cultural tourism. Examples include projects by Sun Group (China): Sun World Ba Na Hills (Da Nang), InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort (Da Nang), JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa (Phu Quoc).

For international investors, investing in Vietnam also requires attention to legal and tax issues. A stable investment environment, reasonable incentive policies, and a fair tax system are important factors in attracting and retaining investors. The Vietnamese government has been and continues to promote incentive policies and support for foreign investors through policies including tax exemptions, import privileges, and financial support for development projects.

In conclusion, Vietnam is proving to be an attractive destination and a high-profit investment opportunity for international investors. With continuous improvements in the investment environment and impressive economic development, Vietnam promises to remain an attractive destination in the global investment wave.

Ngan Ho

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