What to do when discovering fraudulent income by an unknown company?

Many people are processing their annual Personal Income Tax (PIT) returns for the year 2023 and are surprised to find their names listed as receiving income from some unfamiliar company when checking tax data on the ETAX application from the tax authority. Upon discovering that you have been falsely attributed income by an unknown company, you need to take steps to gather evidence and report the violation to protect your rights.

 Taxpayers should follow these steps:

1. Gather Evidence:

  • Retain relevant documents: Retain relevant documents: Employment contracts, payroll records, bank account statements, payment receipts, or any other evidence showing that you did not work for or receive income from that company.
  • Record information: Detail the incident, including the company name, tax identification number, address, timeframe, and details of any communication with the company’s representative (if any).

2. Report the Violation:

  • Compile information (company name, tax identification number, address, legal representative, tax authority overseeing) of the offending company on the General Department of Taxation’s electronic portal at https://tracuunnt.gdt.gov.vn/tcnnt/mstdn.jsp.
  • Contact the tax authority overseeing the offending company:

Meet directly or send documents by mail to the tax authority overseeing the offending company;

Documents to include: Complaint letter outlining the company’s violation and request the tax authority to investigate and take action; PIT Tax Finalization for the year in which you were falsely reported; Any collected evidence ( picture data on the Etax).

3. Protecting Rights:

  • Request the company to correct the tax declaration information: Submit a written request for the company to amend the incorrectly reported tax information.
  • File a lawsuit against the company:  If the company does not take action, you have the right to sue to reclaim your rights.


  • Falsifying income is a legal violation and can result in severe penalties.
  • It is advisable to gather sufficient evidence and report violations promptly to receive support from relevant authorities.
  • Consult a lawyer if necessary.

If you have further questions regarding personal income tax settlement related to salaries or wages, please contact TPM through our website or directly reach out to TPM via hotline at 090 298 1080 for the quickest assistance.


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