Finalizing Personal Income Tax (PIT) for Foreigners in Vietnam

Benefits Of Using Personal Income Tax (PIT) Settlement Services At TPM

  • Time and effort saving: Foreigners do not need to research tax laws and procedures for tax declaration.
  • Ensuring accuracy: With a team of professional and experienced staff who understand tax laws, foreigners will accurately declare taxes, avoiding errors and legal risks.
  • Information security: Commitment to protecting the personal and tax information of foreigners.
Vietnam: An Attractive Investment Destination Attracting a Large Number of International Workers. Along with that, the settlement of personal income tax (PIT)  for foreigners is an important obligation and right that needs to be fully implemented. 

Procedure For Implementing PIT Settlement At TPM

Step 1: Receive information provided by clients and related documents

  • Collect necessary information related to the client’s income;
  • Provide specific advice on the client’s settlement case according to relevant legal provisions;
  • Advise on preparing necessary documents for personal income tax declaration, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations.

Step 2: TPM conducts specific checks, and advice, and determines the amount of tax to be paid or refunded

  • Review and verify eligible deductions to optimize tax obligations according to legal provisions;
  • Receive information, and calculate personal income tax to be refunded/required to pay;
  • Address client’s concerns regarding related data;
  • Complete information on tax settlement documents;

Step 3: Tax declaration and settlement

  • Submit personal income tax settlement documents to the competent tax authority within the prescribed deadline;
  • Represent clients in working with tax authorities to resolve inquiries, clarify, and address issues during the tax settlement process;
  • Notify clients of the progress of the tax settlement process and provide necessary guidance or updates.

Information And Documents Clients Need To Provide:

  • Documents proving income include:
  • Tax deduction documents for PIT
  • Income confirmation letter
  • Payroll (if any)
  • Documents proving tax payment, including:
  • PIT payment receipts
  • Documents proving tax deductions (if any)

Attached documents: Labor contract, Passport, Work permit, Temporary residence permit..

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